How do I register at the practice?

You can book online or call Chelmsford Private GPs on 07940 256 675 or Phoenix Hospital on 01245 801 234.

Please ensure you bring photo ID (passport or driving licence) to your first appointment with us.

How can I make the most of my appointment?

Our aim is to make your appointment as time efficient and cost effective for you as possible. We will never suggest any unnecessary tests for you. As a private service we unfortunately do not have any access to any of your NHS records. We would therefore ask that before your appointment you complete the registration form as fully as possible and include any information relating to your medical history. This will allow us to spend more time with you in the appointment assessing, diagnosing and formulating a treatment plan for your current health concerns. Your medical history includes any significant medical problems you have or have had in the past including any previous surgeries, any regular medications you take (both prescribed by any doctors or that you have bought over the counter) and any allergies to medication. If you have already completed a registration form without this information then please do email us your medical history to the following email address info@chelmsfordprivategps.co.uk
If you are unsure of any of this information then please do contact your NHS GP practice who may be able to print out a summary of your medical history (including any regular medications you take) to bring with you to your appointment.
If you are seeking a second opinion about an ongoing health concern it would be beneficial to see any copies of previous investigations including any blood tests or X-rays/scans you have had relating to this. You are welcome to submit these to us via email (info@chelmsfordprivategps.co.uk) ahead of your appointment or bring them with you in person.

Can I see the same doctor every time?
Our aim is to provide continuity of care wherever possible and therefore you have the choice of which doctor you see. Please be aware that the doctor you wish to see may not work everyday. However, you can pre-book consultations to suit your needs.
Can you refer me to specialists on the NHS?
As a private service we refer within the private sector to highly regarded specialists. The exception to this is in cases where we are concerned there is a need to exclude cancer. In these cases we can access the NHS fast track (also known as ‘The 2 week wait’) referral pathway in order that any significant diagnosis is not delayed for our patients.
Do I need to have medical insurance to book an appointment with you?
No, you do not. We are very happy to see patients who are self funding or who have private health insurance.
Would you be able to provide me with a sick note?
After a consultation with you, if we feel a sick note is appropriate, this can be provided within the consultation at no extra charge.
What conditions do you not treat?

Like your NHS General Practice, we are not set up as an acute emergency service. There are certain life threatening and serious medical conditions where it is important that you do not wait for a routine appointment and instead attend your nearest A&E department or if necessary call 999. These include severe chest pain, symptoms suggestive of a possible stroke (sudden loss of vision, slurred speech, any weakness of one side of your body and/or face), breathing difficulties or if you are concerned you could have a clot in your lung(s).

If you have sustained an injury and are concerned about the possibility of a fracture we would also recommend attending A&E as we cannot ensure same day X-rays or other radiology investigations (such as CT or MRI scans).

We currently do not provide a vaccination service.

We do not provide any drug or alcohol detox programmes.

Please note that we take extreme care when prescribing any controlled medication. We do this rarely and only when truly indicated.

How do I request my repeat prescriptions?

Repeat prescriptions can be issued to patients already registered at the practice. Please email in your requests to info@chelmsfordprivategps.co.uk with your name, address, date of birth, medication request and dose of the medication.

How do I send compliments or complaints?

Please email info@chelmsfordprivategps.co.uk with any compliments, concerns or complaints. We are always striving to provide the best quality care and want to hear from you on things we have done well and also on things where we can improve. We will acknowledge receipt of your email within 2 working days and will respond to any complaints within 21 working days.

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