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On February 25, 2024

Chelmsford Private GPs provides local residents with access to high quality private medical services. We are a private GP clinic in Chelmsford with 3 GPs working at our practice, ready and waiting to provide the healthcare services you and your family needs. Below is a closer look at our range of services.

Your Private GP Clinic In Chelmsford

You can expect the highest level of patient care from all of our doctors. Our GP clinic provides everything you would expect from your general practitioner with additional services available due to our specialisms. The services available include:

GP Consultations

We offer GP consultations in person at our practice and also offer telephone consultations for our existing patients. We can also offer video consultations if these better suits your needs and can discuss the best option with you once you register.

Well Person Health Checks

For a set fee we can provide a full health review. Our Well Person Health Checks include taking your full medical history, an examination, and any necessary diagnostics. Ensuring you have regular Well Person Health Checks will give you a better understanding of your health and as believers in the power of preventative medicine, we recommend these checks to our patients.

Corporate Medicals

Many organisations require their employees to have their health fully checked and we can help with that. Dr Gordon also specialises in HGV and taxi medicals. Being in good health is vital for a range of professions and we can ensure you have the medical certificate you need to get back to work.

Mental Health

We can see, assess and treat a range of mental health problems and conditions and we can also arrange private referrals for other conditions which involve your mental and neurological health such as ADHD and ASC.

Men’s and Women’s’ Health

Our GPs offer specialist support for male and female specific health concerns from contraception and menopause treatment to support with erectile dysfunction and sexual health concerns. Our services are tailored to the differing health needs of men and women at different stages in their lives.

Memory Assessment

Our memory assessment includes comprehensive screening, medical history, examinations, 30-question memory test and blood tests to ascertain the cause of your memory problems. We can also arrange private referrals for further tests and specialist treatment where necessary.

Tiredness Screen

Tiredness is a fact of life but if you’re feeling fatigued or more tired than usual we recommend booking in for a Tiredness Screen. One of our GPs will examine you and carry out a range of tests to find the root cause of your tiredness.

Lifestyle Medicine

Our GP, Dr Onen has a specialist interest in Lifestyle Medicine. Lifestyle Medicine and even reversing a number of other common medical conditions. It looks closely at your lifestyle choices. Then, you and your GP work to find solutions to healthcare problems that aren’t reliant upon prescriptions and medication.

Book your First Appointment at our Private GP Clinic in Chelmsford

Chelmsford Private GPs run a clinic which is committed to the highest levels of healthcare service. We work with our patients to ensure they have access to the services they need and that they prioritise and manage their healthcare effectively.

Contact us today to find out more.

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