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On January 20, 2024
Chelmsford Private GPs

Chelmsford Private GPs is a private medical clinic which allows you to easily access your named GP for a range of services. Our team comprises three highly experienced and welcoming private GPs who want to deliver the highest levels of patient care in Chelmsford. Here we’re exploring the range of services that Chelmsford Private GPs offer for you.

Chelmsford Private GPs Services

Delivering high quality healthcare for all of our patients is our number one priority and as a private practice we are able to offer some specialised services too. The main package of services available include:

GP Consultations

This is the bread and butter of any GP’s work and what we love to do each and every day. We offer GP consultations in person at our practice and can also offer telephone consultations for our existing patients. We can also offer video consultations if these better suits your needs.

Well Person Health Checks

For a set fee we can provide a full health review and check your overall health status. This service includes taking your full medical history, an examination, and any necessary diagnostics. Regular Well Person Health Checks help you to have a better understanding of your health and as believers in the power of preventative medicine, we recommend these checks to our patients.

Corporate Medicals

Many organisations require their employees to have their health fully checked and we can help with that. Dr Gordon also specialises in HGV and taxi medicals so people in this profession are more than welcome to book in with her to arrange their next medical.

Mental Health

If you want to specifically discuss your mental health with one of our Chelmsford private GPs, then you can book in for this appointment. We can see, assess and treat a range of mental health problems and conditions and we can also arrange private referrals for other conditions including Autism Spectrum Condition and ADHD.

Men’s and Women’s’ Health

Our GPs can offer specialist support for male and female specific health concerns from contraception and menopause treatment to support with erectile dysfunction and sexual health concerns.

Memory Assessment

If you have concerns about your memory, then you can book into a specialist memory screening appointment. The assessment includes comprehensive screening, medical history, examinations, 30-question memory test and blood tests to ascertain any causes of memory problems you’re experiencing. We can also arrange private referrals for further tests and specialist treatment.

Tiredness Screen

Many of us experience tiredness, it’s completely normal, but if you’re feeling fatigued or more tired than usual you can book a Tiredness Screen and we will examine you and carry out a range of tests to find the root cause of your tiredness.

Lifestyle Medicine

Dr Onen has a specialist interest in Lifestyle Medicine. Lifestyle Medicine is a branch of medicine that aims to reduce the risk of certain diseases such as heart attack and strokes as well as preventing and even reversing a number of other common medical conditions.

Children’s Healthcare

As GPs we are the medical practitioners for your whole family, including younger family members and we tailor specific services for children aged 0 to 17. Our children’s consultations are available regularly to suit your schedule and we can also carry out other essential checks and appointments including your 6-8 week mother and baby check.

Book in with Chelmsford Private GPs Today

Chelmsford Private GPs are here to help you manage your health effectively. Whether you have a long-term condition, a specific health complaint or simply need a general checkup, you can book in with one of our GPs.

Contact us today to find out more.


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