Blood Tests and Diagnostics: Our Service Explained

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On March 27, 2024
blood tests and diagnostics

One of our core beliefs at Chelmsford Private GPs is preventative medicine. We support our patients in maintaining their health and avoiding many healthcare risks and diseases through good lifestyle management. A key part of this is blood tests and diagnostics. These tests quickly ascertain if symptoms are indicative of a more significant problem, requiring more treatment. Our blood tests and diagnostics service is incorporated into our membership and patients can arrange these services with their named GP.

Blood Tests and Your Health

Blood tests are one of the most useful and regularly used tools for diagnosing a huge range of conditions. Medical diagnostics have been revolutionised by blood testing and blood tests can uncover diseases, confirm diagnoses and be the first step in a process to the right treatment plan.

At Chelmsford Private GPs we offer blood tests for a range of conditions for adults and children aged 13 and above. We can discuss the right tests for your concerns. We can also carry out a range of blood tests to give comprehensive results. Our blood testing service is quick and seamlessly integrated into our GP practice. This allows you to save time and quickly get the results you need. We commit to a swift turnaround time for our blood tests so patients are not left waiting and worrying for their results.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing does not end with blood tests. While blood testing reveals a lot of things, sometimes additional tests are necessary. We can provide a range of additional testing at the practice or refer you to specialists if required.

Stool and Urine Testing

Our clinic can conduct stool and urine testing, which can be critical in understanding and diagnosing symptoms of digestive and urinary system disorders. They can also be useful in diagnosing some metabolic conditions.

Imaging Referrals

We can refer patients for a range of advanced imaging appointments with recognised specialists. We can refer you for a range of tests including CT scans, MRI scans, ultrasounds, and X-rays. These referrals will be dependent upon your GP appointment and the symptoms you describe, and our GPs will ensure you receive an appointment for your referral quickly.

Appointments for Blood Tests and Diagnostics

Our patients can book in for an appointment with ease via our website or by calling the practice. You can discuss your need for additional testing when you book your appointment or wait until you’re in with your GP and explain your concerns to them. It’s entirely up to you which works best and we’re here to help ensure your health is a priority.

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